Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions we receive

1.How often are servers checked for uptime?#

Our status checking system works quite a bit different than other listing platforms. The system is constantly going through the entire list of servers and checking them in order one-by-one. As soon as it finishes checking them all, it repeats again. There is no specific time between checks because the amount of servers checked is constantly changing. The uptime is calculated based on the amount of online checks vs the total amount of checks. Uptime data is reset at the beginning of every month. You can choose to reset your uptime through your server dashboard. If you believe there is an error with our uptime checking system, please open a new support ticket.

2.How are servers ranked/scored?#

Each server is assigned a score value based on certain parameters of the listing. The rank is based on descending order of this score, meaning a higher score yields a higher rank in the list. The parameters of this score calculation are hidden to prevent any abuse of the ranking system. The only hint to the score calculation is that it is based off vote count. You can get a higher rank if you receive more votes per month.

3.How does voting work?#

You can vote for a server once every 24 hours from the previous. Voting for a server increases the score of a server, meaning it will be ranked higher depending on the amount of votes a server receives every month. You can also maintain a vote streak by continuing to vote for the same server once every 24 hours. If you fail to vote within 36 hours of the previous, your streak will be lost. You can see all your streaks within your user dashboard.

4.What is Premium?#

Premium is a paid benefit to user accounts that unlocked certain features for your account and your listed servers. Premium is charged monthly at $5/month. We currently use PayPal to keep track and auto renew these subscriptions each month. You can cancel any time by viewing your subscriptions within your PayPal account. Premium unlocks the following features:

  • Vanity URLs for users
  • Vanity URLs for servers

These perks will only be applied to servers that you primarily own. Servers that you are secondary owner on will not be affected. You can sign up for Premium by viewing your user dashboard.

5.How do I request deletion of all my data?#

Deletion requests will be honored as they are received. You can request deletion of all your data by viewing your user dashboard. Your account and any associated data will be deleted immediately as they are received.

6.When was the site released?#

The initial development of the site began in the early months of 2020. The site was released in March of the same year, but it was shut down due to inactivity and poor search engine visibility. This is current revision 2 of the site, and it began development in July of 2021 and was released on February 1st of 2022. This revision aims to provide an easier and more convenient way of players finding servers, and server owners keeping track of their server listings. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask on our Discord server.